Current Postdocs and Research Fellows

30. Dr. Nancy Walker (2024-now): FertiliserAI data assistant

29. Dr. Nic Fair (2023-now): ERC Proof of Concept FertiliserAI project

28. Dr. Stefano Modafferi (2023-now): ERC Proof of Concept FertiliserAI project

27. Dr. Siul Ruiz (2018-now): Royal Society University Reseach Fellow started Oct 2023

Past Postdocs

26. Dr. Dan McKay Fletcher (academic at the Scottish Agricultural College)

25. Dr. Tiago Dias (senior geotechnical engineer at Geotechnical Consulting Group)

24. Dr. Katy Williams (lecturer at the University of Portsmouth)

23. Dr. Chiara Petroselli (academic in Italy)

22. Dr. Nick Woodman (self employed)

21. Dr. Dan Bull (working at Magma Global)

20. Dr. Arpan Ghosh (working in Sweden)

19. Dr. Simon Duncan (now actuary in Norway)

18. Dr. Arjen van Veelen (now at Los Alamos National Lab, US)

17. Dr. Andrea Boghi (now independent consultant)

16. Dr. Nico Koebernick (now postdoc in Germany)

15. Dr. Robbie Mayon (now postdoc in China)

14. Dr. Keith Daly (now patent lawyer)

13. Dr. Laura Cooper (now postdoc in Warwick maths dep)

12. Dr. Sam Keyes (now patent lawyer)

11. Dr. Sonya Schmidt (now postdoc in Nottingham CPIB)

10. Dr. Raquel Ochoa Gonzales (now research admin in Spain)

9. Dr. Sharif Ahmed (now beam line scientist at Diamond Light Source)

8. Dr. James Heppell (working at Cyprotex)

7. Dr. Shakil Masum (now postdoc in Cardiff)

6. Dr. Gwen Palmer (now engineer at Frazer-Nash in Bristol)

5. Dr. Sevil Payvandi (now modeller at Syngenta)

4. Dr. Kostas Zygalakis (now a lecturer in Southampton Maths)

3. Dr. Daniel Leitner (now an independent lecturer at TU Vienna)

2. Dr. Mariya Ptashnyk (now a lecturer in Dundee Maths)

1. Dr. Andriy Pototsky (now a lecturer somewhere in South Africa)